Digital Transformation to
Optimize Care and Connection for Seniors and their Families  


Automation and Engagement Solutions to Increase
Capacity for Care, Efficiency, & Profitability

Increase efficiency of benefit verification processes by 45%

Eliminate hassle of paperwork and reduce burden on therapists

Engage patients, families, and financially responsible parties

Digitize collection of consents and automate submission of copays

Complete functional assessments and screenings online

Reduce risk of non-compliance and minimize uncollectible accounts

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Automate Revenue Cycle Management Workflows to Increase Capacity Upwards of 45%

Simplify complex cross functional benefit verification and insurance restriction workflows, while seamlessly collecting electronic consents and payments from patients and remote parties

Process large volumes of benefit verifications, while facilitating communication with therapists nationwide, and effortlessly informing patients & financially responsible parties

Efficiently scale by standardizing your unique benefit verification processes and documents, ensuring consistency of best practices

Reduce risk with advanced analytics that provide realtime transparency and highlight non-compliance before problems arise

Easily engage financially responsible parties to ensure consents are signed, benefits understood, and copays collected - minimizing risk of liability & uncollectible accounts

Reduce Burden on
Therapists and
Boost Productivity

Prioritize Patients Over Paperwork

Give therapists powerful tools at their finger tips that accelerate expansion of caseload and track screenings, benefits, functional outcomes, and relevant instructions

Engage financially responsible parties with one click, ensuring prompt completion of consents remotely, removing need for therapists to process or chase down paperwork

Eliminate hassle of paperwork with digitized intake forms and functional assessments, easily completed on site with seniors via iPad or tablet, and automatically uploaded to EMR

No WiFi? No problem! Offline mode removes barriers to workflow productivity, even in resident rooms or facilities with limited WiFi

Prompt Action in the Field & Provide Enterprise Level Insights for Managers with Advanced Analytics

Work in concert to increase productivity and growth

Designed and built directly with therapists and senior management to optimize usability and intelligence

Advanced analytics track operational efficiencies and clinical outcomes - providing transparency and adding accountability

Role specific reporting dashboards keep therapists, staff, and management working in concert to achieve overall objectives

Online functional assessments keep management, families, and referring sources informed of patient progress

translate screenings into active patients

Expand Caseloads with Alinea
Screening, Fall Rate Mitigation,
& Referral Workflows

Follow Discharged Patients

Efficiently coordinate a regular cadence of follow up with discharged patients, track potential triggers, and support seamless return to therapy as needed

Efficiently Screen Residents

Effectively screen new residents or those not yet on caseload, supporting value proposition to facility and ensuring residents get the care they deserve and you can deliver

Track Facilities or Individual Patients Impacted by COVID

Track patients with paused services due to COVID, facilitate teletherapy, share compelling reports with facility management, and ensure residents benefit from continued therapy as soon as possible  

Accelerate Caseload Expansion
in New Facilities

As additional facility contracts are signed, integrate therapists rapidly, track referrals, and build relationships with resident population and facility staff

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Engagement Solutions that Truly Increase Connection, Communication, and Confidence

Engage families and financially responsible parties without increasing workload - guiding completion of intake forms on a timely basis and setting up Alinea portal  

Securely gain credit cards and consents to charge copays and private pays as services delivered

Share patient progress and outcomes, inspiring trust that ensuring continued consent

Open channel of communication with familes and financially responsible parties, efficiently exchanging HIPAA compliant messages

Innovative Cloud-based Platform Integrated with your EMR

Securely simplify and scale your complex workflows

Modern HIPAA compliant, cloud-based software that integrates with your EMR

Single platform seamlessly incorporates multiple workflows in symphony

Advanced analytics offer real time insight into operational efficiencies, clinical outcomes, and required compliance

Innovative teletherapy capabilities designed especially for delivery of care in senior communities

Alinea Signature Approach
Tailoring Digital Solutions for your Unique Organization

We start by listening to you

Our expert team works closely with you to deeply understand your unique workflows, goals, and visions – ensuring our solutions continually exceed expectations

Streamline your complex workflows

We rapidly design and deploy our workflow automation and engagement solutions, highly configured for your specific organization, service models, and objectives

Endless innovation

We never stop listening and our support never ends - we build a true partnership with you and respond rapidly to your emerging needs and growth

Ready to get started?

We do all the heavy lifting to customize your set up, translate your forms to online experiences, deliver convenient live training, and ensure easy adoption

  • Salus is rapidly growing! Working with Alinea has been pivotal to our success, allowing us to efficiently expand capacity. Alinea’s workflow automation, coordination of cross functional tasks, and engagement of patients and remote powers of attorney are not only vital aspects of our daily operations, but instrumental to our swiftly scaling. And their customer service is unparalleled!
  • Brittany Mallen Vice President of Business Operations, Salus Physical Therapy