Optimizing Productive, Profitable, Patient-Centric Care

launching or expanding outpatient direct bill services?

Recognize These Challenges and Opportunities?

Streamlining manual paper based processes to complete intake forms?

Expand your capacity and eliminate the hassle, cost, and inefficiency of paper processes - gaining consents in minutes instead of weeks!

Reducing administrative burden on therapists and staff turnover rates?

Let therapists do more of what they love! Increase productivity and availability for patient care, while decreasing staff turnover.

Increasing efficiency and accuracy of benefit verification processes?

Streamline workflows that expand staff capacity and assure accuracy, while communicating results with therapists & Patients/POAs.

Gaining clear line of sight to 100% front line compliance for patients? 

As your front line drives your bottom line, ensure you are in compliance and set up for full reimbursement.

Collecting copayments, private payments, and other amounts due?

Increase the speed of payments & minimize write offs, while giving financially responsible parties the convenience they expect.

Reducing delays in service & overtreatment of non- reimbursable services?

Simplify patient onboarding and the complexity of prior authorizations - no need for therapists to be insurance & administrative wizards anymore!

Gaining a competitive edge expanding your Outpatient/ Direct Bill services?  

Set stage for success as you diversify across SNF inpatient and ALF and Home outpatient services - configured for your unique workflows.

Engaging patients and families without increasing your workload?

Give patients and families the convenience and communication they expect, while differentiating your services to Senior Communities.
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Expand Your Capacity, Productivity, and Profitability

As Your Front Line Drives Your Bottom Line, Streamline Patient Onboarding and Revenue Cycle Management Workflows

Streamline Insurance Benefit Verification Workflows - expanding the capacity of centralized staff, directly integrating with Waystar, and automating communication with patients or financially responsible parties

Digitize Intake Processes - Eliminating the hassle and cost of paper with customized electronic intake workflows. Gain consents from remote POAs in minutes instead of weeks; patients onsite easily complete forms via tablets.

Simplify Complex Prior Authorization Workflows - Boost efficiency, reduce delays in service, and eliminate deliver of non reimbursable services. Therapists no longer have to be insurance wizards!

Speed Collection of Copayments and other out-of-pocket amounts. For Private Pay, auto assign Good Faith Estimates. Ensure your front line is compliant to drive profitable bottom line.

Reduce Administrative
Burden on Therapists

Free High Value Therapists for Patient Care and
Reduce Staff Turnover

Automate workflows and centralize tedious and time consuming tasks - freeing therapists to do more of what they love and reducing staff turnover

Simplify complexity of prior authorization workflows, eliminating need for therapists to be insurance experts

Eliminate hassle of paper processes and electronically gain consents in minutes instead of weeks  

Effortlessly communicate with families via HIPAA compliant direct messaging or Family Link

Patients, Families, and Senior Communities Expect More -
Alinea Engagement Delivers

Offer Connection, Convenience, and Confidence
While Decreasing Therapist Workload

Give Powers of Attorney and Family Members the convenience and connection they expect - while digitally introducing the therapy team and building trust. Over 93% register and complete forms in advance!

Facilitate completion of forms onsite via tablet or other web enabled devices. Or use Off Line mode for communities or homes with limited Wi-Fi.

Award Winning Family Link highlights the great work your therapists are already doing, without adding to their workload - even share pictures and videos. Tipping point to expand Senior Communities served.

Ease communication with HIPAA Compliant Direct Messaging.
Enjoy high response rates to automatically generated Customer Satisfaction Surveys.

differentiate your services to Senior Communities and their prospects

Connect care teams, patients, and families with Alinea Family Link

Therapists highlight progress!

Highlight the great work your therapists are already doing with Family Link. Share updates and milestones - even photos and videos - without increasing workload.

Families remain connected

Family members stay in the loop, build trust in the therapy team, celebrate progress, and extend encouragement and support to their loved ones.

Senior Communities differentiate

Senior Communities highlight and share one of their greatest assets - their onsite therapy teams! Truly differentiating their services to prospects and families.

Rehab Providers expand

Rehab Providers fuel business development with new Senior Communities - while sparking appreciation and confidence with patients and families.

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Screening and Referral Management

Efficiently Keep Your Finger on the Pulse of all Residents, Referrals, and Discharged Patients

Coordinate customized screening workflows in SNFs and ALFs, ensuring care is delivered at the first sign of need

Efficiently track referrals, seamlessly flow into digitized intake workflows - or capturing business intelligence for failures to convert

Efficiently monitor falls, ensure prompt follow up, and track results

Reduce risk and burden of audits with immediate access to screening histories - gain oversight to real time compliance

Modern, Highly Configurable, Cloud-based Technology

Integrated with Net Health

Customized workflow automation and engagement solutions tailored to your most pressing needs

Manage multiple workflows all on one platform - Outpatient Direct Bill in ALs, ILs, or Home; Inpatient Community Bill in SNFs

Powerful Business Intelligence offers real time insight into productivity, compliance, and operational efficiencies

Modern HIPAA compliant, cloud-based software integrated with Net Health

Alinea's Signature Approach
Expect More

Alinea bends so you don't have to

What matters most to you? We start by listening closely - deeply understanding your culture, workflows, vision, objectives.

But we don't stop there - we invest in long term relationships and continually respond to your emerging needs.  

Consultatively design solutions

We bring you the full force of our expertise to rapidly design and deploy solutions that work for your unique organization.

Diversifying or expanding service lines? We'll set the stage for success and give you a strong competitive edge.

Intuitive and easy to adopt

Our partners tell us we're a breath of fresh air! We do all the heavy lifting to customize your solution - ensuring it is intuitive and relevant for each role. Your teams will love our live training!

We even provide utilization reports to ensure you are gaining the strongest return, benchmarked against what we know is achievable in the industry.  

True partnerships

We've redefined Customer Success! After go live, we meet with leadership and key workflow stakeholders of our partners weekly to listen to their emerging needs.  

Once partners understand the power of our workflow automation and engagement, they always want more. And we are always asking 'How else can we help'? Experience Alinea. Expect More.

  • After years of experience with software vendors in our industry, a partnership with Alinea has been particularly revealing about how things CAN be done. They are nimble, making updates and changes weekly; they take time to listen and understand our needs as an organization; and their roadmap is based off of our roadmap. They created a platform that serves the staff in our therapy clinics and helps us create the best journey for our clients.
  • Tracy Fritts
    Vice President Quality and Outcomes, Consonus Rehab